Environmental Management

KOREA ENGINEERING POWER SERVICE CO.(KEPS) is aiming for customer satisfaction and Continuous development by providing reliable O&M service for power generation facilities. To realize the aiming, the company establish following Environmental Policy and ensure the participation of all relevant members of the organization.

  • Continuous environmental improvement - reducing contaminants, recycling
  • Observation of environmental laws and procedures
  • Efficient Management of energy and resource use
  • Improving environmental awareness through education and training

I will do my best effort to guarantee that the company's Environmental Management System is implemented, maintained and documented. I declare that all relevant executives and staffs must follow Environmental Management System and do their best effort to improve the system consistently. To understand and achieve company's Environmental Policy all relevant executives and staffs must do following actions.

  • Set Environmental Objectives on a yearly basis
  • Review for continuing suitability of their performances
  • Implement staff training actively
  • Introduce company's Environmental Management System to interested parties

Through these efforts and risk-based thinking, the company provides reliable and satisfactory service and is willing to be a business which contribute to both the business development itself and social development.

I assure of implementation of the company's Environmental Management System and environmental transparency by providing relevant information spontaneously to all interested parties.

July 8th, 2020

PRESIDENT Youngjin Park