Quality Management

KOREA ENGINEERING POWER SERVICE CO.(KEPS) is aiming for customer satisfaction by providing reliable O&M service to power generation facilities and continued development. To realize the aiming, KEPS establish the quality policy and ensure all staff members’ observation to this policy belows,

  • Providing the best O&M service
  • Pursuing process improvement and managerial effectiveness
  • Pursuing continued development by operation effective quality management system

I will do my best effort to document, implement and maintain the quality system and declare that all staff members should follow the quality system and do their best effort to make continuous improvement. All staff members are required to

  • Set quality objectives on a yearly basis
  • Review for continuing suitability of their performance
  • Implement staff training on positive line
  • Make their best efforts to improve the quality system

Our company will do its utmost to provide reliable service and satisfy customers from risk-based thinking. Consequently, we improve ourselves and contribute to the society.

The president ensure that the quality system is implemented with meeting all funda- mental quality requirements and providing the best service to the customers.

2nd January 2018

PRESIDENT Young Jin Park