Safety Management

KOREA ENGINEERING POWER SERVICE CO.(KEPS) puts the safety and health of all its employees at the top of all corporate activities. To that end, we set up a safety and health management policy that complies with the requirements set by the Occupation Safety and Health Act, and do our best to ensure that all employees have a safe and pleasant working life. Therefore, we continuously create the health and safety environment through the following safety and safety activities.

  • Establish a health and safety management system with the highest priority in corporate management activities.
  • Set goals for health and safety and establish and implement programs to achieve them.
  • Strictly comply with laws and regulations related to health and safety, such as the Occupation Safety and Health Act.
  • Make sure that all employees understand the health and safety objectives and provide training on safety and health.
  • All employees shall faithfully comply with their responsibilities and duties for safety and safety activities.
  • Make public safety and health management policies when required by stakeholders.

10th May 2018

PRESIDENT Young Jin Park