KEPS Successfully Develops Artificial Lightweight Aggregate Manufacturing Technology

KEPS Successfully Develops Artificial Lightweight Aggregate Manufacturing Technology
Expect significant improvement in coal ash treatment from power plants

Korean companies succeeded in developing a demonstration technology for manufacturing light-weight aggregates based on coal ash from power plants, which is expected to greatly improve the problem of coal ash treatment. 

KEPS and Light Ceramic, an artificial light-weight aggregate company, jointly used coal ash as its main source and recently launched commercialization.

Coal ash is a type of coal-burning material made from the burning of coal, which is a fuel for thermal power plants, and the remaining ash is rapidly cooled. Some of these are used as concrete mixtures or as materials for cement, but most of them are buried in waste disposal sites near power plants.

The newly developed structural artificial light-weight aggregate is a technique that can recycle large quantities of plant coals to manufacture sand and gravel for concrete. Yeongheong Division, Korea South-East power Company(KOEN), has developed related technologies for the first time among South Korean power generators and established its own facilities for producing light-weight aggregates. 

However, the KEPS emphasizes that unlike conventional manufacturing methods, it is very economical to make small amounts of unburned carbon in coal ash as its main fuel and double its productivity. 

In addition, the KEPS explains that the initial investment cost is cheaper and the quality of the product is high, and that the recycling rate of coal ash per unit volume is more than twice that of the conventional method. 

The two companies` artificial light-weight aggregates can be produced in large quantities and cut manufacturing costs by half, as well as meet the KS standard in the quality inspection of the state-run Korea Performance Laboratories (KCL).

In addition, it is expected to greatly contribute to environmental protection by replacing the stone structures that are produced by damaging the existing environment by forming 95 percent or more of the lightweight aggregate with coal circuits.

"Currently, power generators pay more than 25,000 won per ton in the name of coal ash treatment and landfill costs," said CEO Baek Namho of KEPS.

"The technology for manufacturing artificial light-weight aggregates is currently being applied for patents, and the design of manufacturing facilities will be completed and mass production will be possible next year."

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Posted: 08/09/2016:46